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Gore's Gonna Win

I'm primarily an economic libertarian, so I'll choose tax cuts over social liberty most of the time. I guess I'm still pretty Republican. Watching James Baker on TV made me realize how much I miss the traditional gang of Republican cronies.

After 8 years of Clinton's corruption and incompetence, I'm ready to see some Republicans on my television screen. Political issues aside, I sleep better when the Republicans are in power.

So I guess I'm pulling for Bush today, even as I see his lead draining away. I have the same feeling of inescapable doom I had when Clinton won the first time, powerless against the Forces of Evil.

Like Virginia Postrel said, "Bush is bad, but Gore is the Devil."

I think the recount will give Gore the election, and even if it doesn't, his lawyers will find some way to give him the prize. I have no rational explanation for this opinion, just the familiar dull certainty that "the people" want big government, and "the people" will get what they want -- law and technicalities be damned.
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a shame it's gone on so long. i don't think the people "want big government" although they do cling to entitlements & the "big government" is a consequence. i got sick of bush's mantra on cutting back because he wasn't able to admit that anyone would choose. that's the trouble, you've got to be on everyone's side. and i found it annoying.

i had to reply because i don't see this as "gore's lawyers giving him the prize". this ballot has been approved since some time in the 1970's, correct? and the bush folks are raising a fuss about the "ballot complications" because it looked so easy. well, it's never been an issue because the margin's never been so narrow. those floridians (?) have a right to be concerned about "their vote being counted". it's legally & ethically right to hold the recount and a "re-vote" in that county. and it will likely result in a gore win, but i don't want to hear all the republicans complaining that it's unfair, because it's not & they'd demand the same.
choose=lose. typing/mental error.
It's not that he's so great but that the Democrats have become so antagonistic to personal liberties that in "World's Smallest Political Quiz" terms, they don't even qualify as leftists any more. They're simply fascists. The only thing they support is abortion, and that was legal in the Soviet Union. It's just not enough.

The Republicans are moving in the same direction, they just aren't quite as far down yet.
I must agree with Gore being the potentially more oppressive candidate...anybody here an independent contractor? The first time I did my tax return, ('98, I believe) I truly became an American citizen taking it in the ass. Heck, if four years of Bush means straight oral sex, I'll be happy for the trade off. As far as I know, I'm never going to see that money again, and jeez, I didn't even pull in over 40K...and 30 percent of it was just for the self-employment tax alone. I won't even start about SS...if you work for yourself it's like you're automatically punished or something.

And Gore, what...he wants to "reward" us with tax breaks ONLY if we care for our elders or a single mom or *fill in the blank*? What a pompous asshole.
From this site, which, I will note, has unofficial results as reported to AP, which could make a difference...

With one county remaining to be counted, Gore is closer, but still 200 votes behind, and I would expect that the tardy absentee ballots would push Bush's lead higher.

Basically, the only thing Gore has to stand on right now is the screwed-up Palm Beach ballot, and I doubt he'll be able to get that mess overturned without evidence of malfeasance rather than stupidity, and given that the people setting up the elections there were democrats...

This is just too much fun. Sitting VP defeated by bad graphic design.
With one county remaining to be counted, Gore is closer, but still 200 votes behind, and I would expect that the tardy absentee ballots would push Bush's lead higher.

NPR reported some speculation (from the democrats, it was said, though no actual source was named) that numerous ballots from Florida's Jewish population voting from Israel, which would statistically favor Gore. They didn't back it up with anything substantial, and I only heard of it that once. Oh well.

This is just too much fun. Sitting VP defeated by bad graphic design.

I can't imagine what went wrong, Floridians know better than most people that Oranges & Graphic Design go so well together. (Requires Flash 4; Theme song by They Might Be Giants)

The next thing I expect to see is them calling in the Phillipine supreme court and maybe some election monitors from Maylasia to oversee a fair election in Florida...hey..don't they owe us some money??
What an interesting thread to stumble upon at this point in the game.

I have no further comment on it at this time.