Club 23 (club23) wrote,
Club 23

Gore's Gonna Win

I'm primarily an economic libertarian, so I'll choose tax cuts over social liberty most of the time. I guess I'm still pretty Republican. Watching James Baker on TV made me realize how much I miss the traditional gang of Republican cronies.

After 8 years of Clinton's corruption and incompetence, I'm ready to see some Republicans on my television screen. Political issues aside, I sleep better when the Republicans are in power.

So I guess I'm pulling for Bush today, even as I see his lead draining away. I have the same feeling of inescapable doom I had when Clinton won the first time, powerless against the Forces of Evil.

Like Virginia Postrel said, "Bush is bad, but Gore is the Devil."

I think the recount will give Gore the election, and even if it doesn't, his lawyers will find some way to give him the prize. I have no rational explanation for this opinion, just the familiar dull certainty that "the people" want big government, and "the people" will get what they want -- law and technicalities be damned.
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