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Tuesday, June 4th, 2002
11:53 pm - Jaffo's Poll ...

Jaffo needed somebody with a paid account to create a poll ... so I've replicated his poll and posted it in our nearly-comatose Club23 community:

Poll #38317 Ashley Judd

Should jaffo watch "Ashley Judd Revealed" on E! tomorrow night?

a. Yes, it will be informative and inspirational.
b. No, you will degenerate into gibbering neurosis and whine for two weeks.
c. Yes, because Jules Asner is hot.
d. No, because your blood pressure could not stand the shock.
e. Turn the damn TV off and finish your book.

current mood: amused

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Friday, March 9th, 2001
7:12 pm - Has altruism failed?
Slow deterioration in quality and quantity, followed by a month of silence. Has our collaborative project failed?

In one sense, yes. No one was willing to sacrifice ego and give up their personal site for this one.

On the other hand, many people asked to be removed from the friends list because they felt their thoughts would be "too personal" or "too silly" to be included.

The real triumph of LiveJournal is that it allows collaborative selfishness. The friends page is a collection of individuals, given the illusion of cooperation.

In that spirit, I'm going to use my personal friends page as a clearinghouse for all the livejournals I follow.

I don't feel right using the Club23 page for that purpose, so I'll make myself the filter and see if anybody follows...

Michael Duff

current mood: amused

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Friday, January 26th, 2001
7:01 am
All right, this search-engine result is funny.

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12:50 am
An overseas look at lessons to be drawn from George Bush's inaugural.

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Sunday, January 14th, 2001
6:28 pm - Do blondes have more fun?
My friend Mahrya did an experiment to see if blondes got higher scores on "Am I Hot Or Not?"

You can see the results here.

I guess I'm not like most men. I like brunettes, and excessive makeup drives me off.

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Thursday, January 11th, 2001
5:30 am
Andrew Rilstone writes good rants, and, although his "Weekly" rants have been closer to "yearly" lately, he's built up a nice back catalogue (not misspelled - he's British, you see, and they spell things differnt over thar). I'm specially fond of his review of the Phantom Menace.

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Friday, December 29th, 2000
5:50 am - A Prayer For Dead Gods
Spare a lonely thought
for the dead gods

the countless pleas unanswered
sacrifices untouched and brittle dry

failing those to whom
they owed sacred existence

they completed the task
and failed themselves

Author Unknown

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Wednesday, December 6th, 2000
12:52 pm - Requiem For A Dream
Interested in a movie that will leave you torn apart emotionally and in a trance like state? I have one for you. The limited realesed Requiem For A Dream. It is rough, powerful, dark and like nothing you have ever seen (unless you managed to see the movie Pie ((insert symbol here))). Go in with a open mind, a lot of time to just be silent and feel afterwards, you will need both. Enjoy

Requiem For A Dream.


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Wednesday, November 29th, 2000
4:17 am - Public Apology for Global Warming
I hope you appreciate the courage it takes to admit this in public.

I've stayed silent for over a decade, but now this whole "global warming"
thing has gone too far. People are blaming CO2, automobiles, and sunspots,
trying to figure out why our world is in peril.

We've spent billions try to answer this question, and the regulations made to
counter the problem have cost billions more.

I thought this whole thing would have blown over by now, but 14 years later,
the hysteria is still going strong.

Maybe it's too late to save the money we've already spent, but maybe, by
confessing my crime in public, I can prevent future suffering.

I'm sure there will be criminal charges brought against me after this, but
I've been wracked with guilt since 1986, and I'm prepared to face the music.

I know the TRUE cause of global warming because, you see, it's me.

In 1986, I built a giant focusing mirror, designed to collect and focus solar
energy and disrupt the climate. I put the machine in Antarctica, thinking I
would start slow and build other mirrors later.

I blackmailed President Reagan for 290 million dollars, but after he paid
me...well...I forgot to turn it off...

I'm really sorry. My henchmen were killed by an elite squad of Navy Seals, my
personal zeppelin was sabotaged by an agent from the SAS, and I spent the past
decade hiding out in Peru.

I thought mechanical failure would take care of the problem, but I guess I
built the damn thing too well.

The mirror is still in place, and the globe gets a little hotter every year.

I have the coordinates and a detailed map to the device. I'm currently hiding
in my chateau in the Swiss alps, waiting for the authorities.

I hope the judge will take this apology into account during sentencing.

Oh, and I also did some stuff to the llamas, but we should be able to stop it,
if we act quickly.

Thank you for your attention.

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2:37 am - Favorite Computer Games?
What's your favorite computer game and why?

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Tuesday, November 28th, 2000
6:01 pm - What's In... and Out
While most people seem delighted by "Am I hot or not" the site has become pass� even before it really got started. I have found "Am I Goth Or Not" much more entertaining. Check it out for yourself...

Gotta Love The Goths.


current mood: busy

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Monday, November 27th, 2000
5:58 am - Reflection
Taking pictures in the mall yesterday, allowed me to capture crying children on Santa's lap. Irony at its best perhaps. While Santa smiles on the golden oranaments reflect everything back, including faces of photographers. It happens to all of us, and I ran across a great place that allowed those pictures have a home. Check it out, it's a cute idea.

Jezebel's Mirror. I hope to see you all there soon as well.


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Friday, November 17th, 2000
8:42 pm - A spectacular idea for single women!
This simple idea could change the way men and women communicate on the Internet.

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Wednesday, November 15th, 2000
4:24 pm - The Man Who Wrote the Necronomicon
This one's for you, Andrew.
"Bah", he said, "what does it matter. I will do the research, of course. I always do. But the book, it is nothing. It is just a book. To be consumed in broad daylight by an invisible demon before a horrified crowd, though, that would be exquisitely fine."
There's a bunch of other fun stuff by the same author.

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Thursday, November 9th, 2000
5:15 pm - Gore's Gonna Win
I'm primarily an economic libertarian, so I'll choose tax cuts over social liberty most of the time. I guess I'm still pretty Republican. Watching James Baker on TV made me realize how much I miss the traditional gang of Republican cronies.

After 8 years of Clinton's corruption and incompetence, I'm ready to see some Republicans on my television screen. Political issues aside, I sleep better when the Republicans are in power.

So I guess I'm pulling for Bush today, even as I see his lead draining away. I have the same feeling of inescapable doom I had when Clinton won the first time, powerless against the Forces of Evil.

Like Virginia Postrel said, "Bush is bad, but Gore is the Devil."

I think the recount will give Gore the election, and even if it doesn't, his lawyers will find some way to give him the prize. I have no rational explanation for this opinion, just the familiar dull certainty that "the people" want big government, and "the people" will get what they want -- law and technicalities be damned.

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Wednesday, November 1st, 2000
1:11 am
Excellent story by Jo Walton at Strange Horizons webzine.
Jane hated going to Tharsia's apartment. It was hung about with tapestries and jangling crystal windchimes and a string of little silver unicorns, and it reminded her of Porphylia and everything she wanted to forget. If Tharsia had been able to get it right it wouldn't have been so irritating; it was just that little silver unicorns look so tacky when you've been used to the deep voices of real unicorns and great silver statues that speak and smile...

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Monday, October 30th, 2000
2:57 am - Electoral Predictions
Bush over Gore by 4 points
Bush will not win Florida or California
Lazio beats Hillary by 2 points
Republicans keep Senate and House, lose 2 seats in each
Governorships and State Houses remain overwhelmingly Republican

Bush 47
Gore 43
Nader 8
Other 2

I think Bush would still beat Gore without Nader in the race, but his margin of victory would be 2 points.

I think most of the people voting for Nader wouldn't be voting at all.

-- Jaffo

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Sunday, October 29th, 2000
4:08 am - Book of Shadows Review
I like this quote from Salon's review of Blair Witch 2.

"It's no surprise, given Berlinger's background, that the evil in his movie is decidedly not supernatural in origin. He's quite right to suggest that nothing is scarier than a group of hormone-crazed, liquored-up 20-somethings with nothing to believe in."

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Saturday, October 28th, 2000
4:46 pm - Fill in the blank!
"Live free or ___!"

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Wednesday, October 25th, 2000
9:21 pm - The Working Girl
I work in a laid back office of highly stressed 20something-go-getter types. I'm the new girl, but of course, I jump into the sarcastic bunch right away. Well...almost.

When a lead goes horribly wrong, the tradition (or so I have seen) is that the person hangs up then over the intercom of the phones for the all the AE's in the office they say, "And fuck you too." Everyone gets a good chuckle and it helps keep spirits high.

So, I had such an experience, but felt too green to get into the routine at this point. My boss can hear everything I'm doing as I'm still in heavy training. He came over to me about two mins later while I was working on something else and said, "And fuck you too." I looked up at him with a very confused look and said, "Excuse me, Sir?" He said, "You forgot to say, 'and fuck you too.'" I smiled and said, I just didn't' feel right saying it.

He turned on my intercom for everyone to hear and started to harass me about being a prude and how he should consider firing me for not following company policy. Everyone laughed, and goes back to work. After my boss leaves I turn on the intercom (I know you see this coming ;) I said, "And fuck you too, Meril (my boss' name)!" Everyone howled and Meril comes out and says, "That a girl." with a smile on his face.

There are times that standing outside the group for a while to get a feel for it is important. That way when you do jump in, you make a splash! Just a small story from recruiter land.


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